March 1, 2014

Life as we know it.

Boy oh boy am I behind on my blogging. Honestly I don't have an excuse either, except that I am THAT LAZY! :/ 

Lincoln Reed: My little gorilla is now 11 months old! Where did time go? I have a walking little brat now. Lincoln is such a stud. He is very energetic little man and LOVES his brother and Daddy and Uncle Shane. He loves to follow his brother from room to room and be part of the trouble. When he sees his daddy he lights up and books it as fast as he can to him, and when he sees his uncle Shane he goes over to him and holds onto him. This boy is so full of love and smiles. Linc is also a VERY stubborn child. He does not listen worth a darn. When I tell him no no he smiles and giggles at me and when we take him away from something that he should not be playing with he cries for a minute and immediately goes right back over to it and continues to do it. He will not stay out of the toilet and he has to put his mouth on EVERYTHING! Trouble trouble trouble. 

Jace Allen: Where do I begin with this child. Jace turned 4 yrs old back in November and lets just say that his new best friend has become corners. I feel that the only thing I am ever telling Jace is go put your nose in the corner. But I will say that he is so good with his brother. They LOVE to play together. Whenever I go to put Lincoln down for a nap Jace tries to persuade me that they are playing and that Linc doesn't need a nap because hes being a good boy. Lol. Love my boys. Jace is showing so much interest in wanting to learn his ABC's and 123's and he can't wait to go to school next year and be a big boy like his cousins.  He can spell his name and count to 10 and almost make it through the whole alphabet. 

Life: life has been a struggle lately. My family back in Utah has been through hell and back this last week but things are finally starting to look good. My mom is still in the hospital trying to get better but she is having a super slow recovery. Thank you all who have kept her in your prayers. It has been so hard on me this week being here in Kentucky while my mom is fighting for her life. I know that through god all things are possible and I know that my mom is strong and can pull through this and I know each if your prayers have helped. Thank you again. 

Kentucky: it is such a beautiful place here! I am so in love with all of the beautiful trees. We have been here about 2 1/2 weeks and reed is doing very well. It's been hard trying to get back into he swing of this summer life and nit having a husband but I am making it through with the help of my friend Stephanie. Much love Steph! :) 

Fitness: :/ before coming out to Kentucky I was doing so good. I had lost 13 lbs and was eating soooooo good. Then the drive out here happened and threw me for a loop. I can't make it through the day without caffeine and because we are still in a hotel we are eating out a lot. It's killing me. I did get a gym pass this week at LA fitness and have gone a couple of times but I'm going to pick up where I left off and get into shape and have confidence again. I hate not feeling good about myself and having low self esteem. Dumb food. Lol

Anyhow y'all much love. Sorry you had to listen to me babble. 

August 15, 2013

Our Texas journey.

I can FINALLY say that this summer is over! Yay! Don't get me wrong I have had a blast this summer and I have made friends with these girls but its hard being away from family and especially when your 4 yr old is always asking about family and why they didn't come to Texas with us. We have gotten to do so many cool things while we've been out here. Here is our Texas journey through pictures.
Pic #1: Had friends over for dinner and afterwards the guys watched the kids while us wives hung out and played a few card games. 
Picture #2: Movie and Pizza night. All the kids together to watch a movie.
Picture #3: The circus. Jace and I went with a few of the other wives to the Circus is Dallas. I had never been to a circus before so I was just as excited as Jace was. We also got to rid on a train up to Dallas, and Jace loved loved loved the train. 
Picture #4: Went out to dinner with the team and within 30 minutes Jace Allen fell asleep on my lap! Thank goodness. 
Picture #5: Babes and I went out to lunch a few weeks ago and I saw brownies as I was paying for my food so I bought one. Right after I took my first bite of the brownie I was looking around the restaurant and found this lovely poster. LOL. 

Picture #6: Enjoying the night as a family. 
Picture #7: SWIMMING! The swimming this summer has been a NIGHTMARE! The pool here is so gross. It got so bad and was closed nearly all of July so us wives filled out some complaint forms. There was one time I went swimming with Jace and when you looked down in the water you could not even see your legs. SO NASTY! 
Picture #8: The Luau! Fun parties thrown for the team!
Picture #9: The Fort Worth Zoo! I've gotta say, SLC zoo sucks! This zoo was BEAUTIFUL! and the kids had a blast!
Picture #10: Zoo continued!
Picture #11: We went to the mall and Jace was running around and so I called his name and some lady comes over and was freaking out because her sons name is Jace. Except his name is Jace White..... LOL little did she know so was my Jace. SO FUNNY. Her reaction was priceless!
Picture #12: Fort Worth Wives! We dressed up for a raffle. The winners got an all paid dinner to where ever you wanted. So we choose The cheescake factory! which also explains the next picture.
Picture #13: Our dinner that we won from the above picture! 
Picture #14: Another raffle. We dressed up like the croods and went as a group to see the movie The Croods. 
So there ya go. Such a fun summer! I can't wait to see what next year brings! 

Newborn Pics

Sorry for the Newborn picture overload, but SO CUTE right? Lincoln has been such a blessing. I dind't know how I was going to do this away from family, but I have met families out here that have become family to me and have helped make this Texas journey survivable. Special thanks to our friends Stephanie and Taylor for Lincolns beautiful pictures! 

The Tongue

I have been saying for months now that I was going to create a post about Lincolns tongue, and I am finally getting around to it! This boys tongue is ALWAYS sticking out! I absolutely love it! Sleeping, smiling, staring, you name it and it is sticking out. So cute.

I am so in love with this baby. Got blessed me with two very handsome boys!

June 17, 2013

Lincoln Reed White

My baby boy is finally here! On Wednesday June 5, 2013 at 11:51 a.m. we gave birth to this beautiful little boy, Lincoln Reed. Weighing in at 7 lbs 9 Ounces 20 1/2 inches long, and healthy as can be! We are so in love with this little man! On Tuesday the 4th of June I had my Dr appointment and he said that I was 1 cm dilated and my cervix was 50% thinned.... He said that because I was 39 weeks we had the option to be induced and he had an opening the next morning, well I was right on top of it and said yes! (the hubby was not very happy with me). I was so uncomfortable and the humidity and heat was killing me. After going home and talking to Reed about it and praying about my decision we both felt good about it and knew that everything was going to be okay!
 So early Wednesday morning we got up and took Jace to his friends house and headed off to the hospital. Doc came in at 7:30 and broke my water and OH MY HELL that hurt SO SO SO Bad. Shortly after, the contractions kicked in and were killing me, i tried to tough it out as long as possible but gave in at 9:30 and got the epidural which kicked in right away which aloud Reed and I both to sneak in a little nap. I woke up at about 11:00 a.m. with a lot of pressure in the pubic bone area and quickly called the nurse and she checked dilation and I was 10cm dilated and she said lets call the team because it's time to start pushing! I pushed for maybe ten minutes (pain free and laughing and joking with my husband through it all) and then I heard the first amazing cry of my little boy.
 The whole time pushing the nurse kept saying "oh I can see his hair", this shocked both Reed and I because we were expecting another bald little boy. Let's just say I have myself a little gorilla. (That is his nickname).
The next day Reed brought Jace to the hospital to meet his little brother and he was so in love. He would not leave my bed and when the nurse came in to take baby for circumcision Jace got VERY concerned that his baby was not in the room with us. Now that we are home things are going pretty good. It has been VERY hard getting used to the new sleeping schedule and the pumping at crazy hours of the night, but overall things are wonderful and our home is filled with so much love for our boys! It's crazy to still think that he is all ours! I am so obsessed and so in love with this little boy! We are so excited to go home in September and share this amazing little spirit with the rest of the family!

May 23, 2013

Texas thus far.

Let's not beat around the bush.... TEXAS SUCKS! The humidity is KILLING me, the scenery sucks, and the storms scare the living hell out of you! You might just think i'm negative about it but I really don't think I am. This state is AWFUL! I remember always thinking "oh how I can't wait to move out of Utah, I hate the cold." Yeah no, you will NEVER hear me complain about Utah again. I want my GORGEOUS mountains back, I want the cool mountain breeze back, and I want to go hiking and see water falls and gorgeous flowers! The only thing you can see in the distance around you is water towers.... not so gorgeous. Lol.
In the month that we have been here we have had 2 Tornado warnings. One was not so bad but the one we had a couple of days ago scared all of  us. All the Vivint wives thought for sure that we were going to have to grab kids and run to the basement. SUPER scary stuff. I hope and pray that we don't have to experience one while we are here.
As far as actually being out here, I am loving it. Sure I miss family (Like A LOT!) BUT my relationship with my husband has grown so much stronger. I honestly feel that we have both grown so much having to leave everything we cherish and love back in Utah and come out to Texas and start fresh. I am grateful that we chose to do this this summer because it has already taught us so much.
So... as you drive out here every block or so you see a church or two, and I have been telling Reed I am going crazy because I have yet to see an LDS church building. Well Ya'all a month into our journey we found one! It was the most beautiful thing I have seen since I have been out here. It honestly put a smile on my face! Now we just need to work on getting there on Sundays and everything will be great! So Reed works with a bunch of guys who are not LDS, and know nothing about being a latter day saint. But as they have been teasing Reed and Reed teasing back they have learned A LOT about our religion. Some things not so true.... like we can only make love in missionary position so that our children will grow up to be missionaries...... LOL, now this is only funny because 2-3 of the guys he works with believe him. But man, some of the questions that are asked about why we follow what the prophet says shock me. It is a WHOLE other world outside of Utah, and I don't like it AT ALL. I am so out of my comfort zone. ANYHOW, I cannot wait to get back to Utah in September!

May 13, 2013

Smuggling a basketball....

This basketball that I have smuggled is growing.... A lot! and moving A LOT!!!! and already weighs a whopping 6lbs and that was at last weeks check up at 35 weeks. Doc did an Ultrasound and said baby is DEFINITELY without a doubt a boy... LOL. But yes baby is already weighing in at 6lbs and doing great, and is in position to come into this crazy world. I am a little nervous to know what this sweet boy is going to weigh when he gets here.... Jace came at 38 weeks and weighed 7lbs 10 ounces, so hopefully he wont be any bigger then that. Doc said that pregnancies tend to all go about the same with childbirth so he is expecting me to go into labor between 38 and 39 weeks so we will see.
Total weight gain- 55 lbs(with Jace I gained 70) So far I am on track to deliver at the same weight I did with Jacer man.....
Cravings: Cheerios and bananas. Bananas and Buttercream, Rootbeer floats and Gum.
Mood: LOL. Bit***, SUPER Exhausted.
Nesting: I had a hard time excepting nesting here in Texas, I felt that I cound'nt nest here. I don't know why. But finally last week I put the crib together and got the clothes all folded and hung up and things started to go crazy inside me. I started getting really excited and felt that I can nest here and I am just so excited and can't wait to bring my baby boy home to this BEAUTIFUL home.
Jace: He LOVES the bump! He kisses baby brother at least 40 times a day. He stops me all day long and asks if he can kiss his baby brother. Hopefully once baby boy gets here Jace will still feel the same way. He loves helping get things ready and LOVES looking at the baby clothes and talking about how his baby brother is going to wear them! SO CUTE! He had a blast on mothers day at the store helping daddy pick out the carseat and stroller, it came down to two that we could not decide between so we left the decision to
Jace and this is what he picked. The decision was a black and green design or this Graco Blue and Brown design and man was it a tough pick for him but he went with Blue and Brown and his mommy LOVES it!
Contractions/Braxton Hicks- ALL DAY EVERYDAY! I swear they don't stop. I can't go shopping with out worrying that my water is about to break due to how hard my stomach gets. It hurts so bad that I have to stop or walk SUPER slow!
Me: I feel like a beached whale that can't move! We live on the 3rd floor... which means 3 flights of stairs and one exhausted girl that HATES to go downstairs because I know im going to have to climb those stairs again. I have like 3 pairs of clothes that fit me and out here in Texas it is humid as hell and so the second I get inside the blinds get closed and I rip my clothes off! (Sorry if thats TMI) But hey the Hubs enjoys it! People tell me all the time how cute I look and how I don't look like I have gained 50 lbs.... I wish I felt it. I am seriously starting to get depressed about it all and I can't wait to get on a freakin treadmill!!!!

May 7, 2013

Beginning our Vivint journey.

Oh my land so many changes and craziness have happened already this summer.
Okay so middle of April Reed and I began our journey to Texas. But it was not an easy start. We intended to leave on a Thursday and so all day Wednesday I had gotten everything packed and ready to put on the trailer and get it all to storage as soon as Reed made it home from work. Well.... he was delayed at work till 6:30. So he hurried home and loaded the trailer and right before we were about to take off I called storage only to find out there closed at 8:00, so we thought we would get up early Thursday morning and make a load to storage before we hit the road. Yeah, well it ended up POURING that night! I woke up at 5:00 a.m. to the sound of cars driving in the rain, and I ran outside only to see all of my stuff wet! Lets just say I stood out in the rain and cried. It seriously seemed that if it was not one thing it was another delaying us. So Thursday we decided that there was no way we could leave with everything wet and we would leave Friday morning. So Thursday Reed headed out to a job that was only supposed to take a few hours and he was delayed and delayed and delayed all day at this job to where he got a not very nice phone call from his very exhausted prego wife that was pissed because storage closed in an hour and a half and I was not about to be delayed another day.... Lol. Well lets just say he got home quickly after that phone call and we made it to storage just in the nik of time. Friday morning we hit the road and had a great trip to Colorado where my hubby dropped me off at Nicoles house where I stayed two weeks and he headed out to begin his sales in Witchita Falls Texas. Not one week into him being there did I get a phone call from my poor sexy hubby crying telling me that he was working out and pulled something in his back and he couldn't move.... and he didn't know what to do. WORST FEELING EVER! My stomach dropped thinking how am I going to get to my husband and clearly there is no way that he can sell if his back is out so we are going to need to go back to Utah and figure things out...... So that was the plan, Reed would drive and get me and we would go back to Utah, so I start looking for apartments and scheduling Dr. appointments. Later around 10 p.m. Reed called me back in a much better mood and said "Babe, I got a preisthood blessing and I feel that the right thing to do is carry on and go to Texas." Instead of Reed being a sales man he is now a technician and is kicking butt at what he is doing! I am so grateful for Vivint and how much it has already changed our lives! It has been hard adjusting but I am LOVING it! We have a beautiful 3 bedroom apartment, and a pool! What more do we need?

April 3, 2013

Family Photo's

Not a whole lot to say other then I have the cutest little boy on the planet! Jace did so well during the photo shoot and smiled the entire time! His little smile melts my heart! I LOVE HIM! Well ya'all here they are. BE AWARE.. PICTURE OVERLOAD!!!!
See what I mean? Such a stud!
      Cute family if I do say so myself!
Showing off a little bit of the Bump. Jacer man loves that bump! 
The only shot we were able to get with just the hubs and I.
Proud momma to a smart, handsome, adorable monster.
The two most handsome boys alive!!! Like father like son right?